Tuesday, April 3, 2007

so, so, so, So, SO MAD!!!

I walk out to my car this morning, and what do my eyes behold? My car was broken into last night!! CD cases on the roof, the back seats pulled forward with things from the trunk spilling out into the car. Instantly I felt creeped out - like, someone else was touching my stuff, and there was a dirty intruder in my cute little car. The worst, (or best depending on what light you look at the situation in) was that there was no broken glass, no forced entry. That's right folks. We conveniently left the car open to any and everyone. I was trying so hard to remember back to what the heck was going on, because I am an avid Car Locker. I was trained up by my father who is the Ultimate Locker. House doors, car doors (when they're parked in the closed garage), luggage bags, this man doesn't take a chance. Then it all came flashing back to me. Yesterday after work I went grocery shopping, and when I came home had Joe help me bring up the groceries to the apartment. The keys were handed back and forth between each other, and we each thought that the other had locked up. Apparently, neither of us did. Grrrr!!! I don't know who I'm madder at; myself, or the person who is crummy enough to do something like this in the first place.
At least they took hardly anything. In fact, at first glance, it didn't look like anything was gone. I mean, it isn't like I leave my cell phone or iPod in there so there was no major jackpot for them, but I was desperately trying to remember if there was a scrap of paper or anything that had vital info on it. I don't think there was. But they did take a bag of Joe's clothes from his academy days (jeans, polo shirt, tennis shoes). It was the clothes he wore home the day that they sprayed all the recruits with tear gas and other nasty stuff. So the joke is on them. I hope it burns their skin off. Then I noticed that my Smith sunglasses that I got for Christmas from my parents (that I love, love, love) were gone. I wanted to scream. Then, I realized that the 6 movies from Blockbuster that I had left on the passenger seat to conveniently remind me that they MUST be returned today (because they were over-due) were missing. That's right. The jerk stole the DVDs!
So this afternoon I had to schlep off to Blockbuster, where I meekly had to explain that the movies I had rented were stolen, and then I got the joy of paying $113.02 for movies that I didn't even like anyway. Suckey, suckey day. I am so over living in this apartment!! I mean carports offer no protection or privacy!! I know that things can get stolen from actual houses as well, but at least your stuff isn't so exposed. It makes me all paranoid, wondering of someone is noticing my habits, watching my car, and if they will try again. I would hate to walk out and see no car (see, that's where the positive thinking comes in - it could have been worse). Dealing with this stuff is the pitts though. About a year ago, someone scraped off my car's registration sticker. Did I mention I'm ready to leave this place? And now I have to go finish taxes. Fan-freaking-tastic.


Kelly said...

$113 !!!!!! Oh my word. I would be so upset. That really does suck and no one to blame but yourselves what a bummer.