Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Accessories

I'm not typically an impulse buyer. I like to assess and prioritize what I am going to need/want and generally have a plan when it comes to saving for something or using birthday/Christmas money. Sometimes when I'm at Target I'll pop a pair of cute flats or earrings into my cart, but by the time I get to check out I feel guilty about them and take them out, simply because they're not part of my shopping agenda for that day. This can be a good and frustrating quality. On the one hand, it prevents me from spending a lot of little money unnecessarily that adds up to a bigger chunk of money. My rule is, if I am still thinking about the item a week later, I will allow myself to go back and seriously consider purchasing it. However, sometimes the coveted item is not available anymore, which can be frustrating.

So there's this necklace that I've been wanting on Etsy for about a year. I found the seller randomly when I was trying to get inspiration with what to do with yo-yos after I had made a bunch and didn't know what to do with them. I thought they were really unique. THEN to add even more fuel to the fire, this girl bought one and wore it to her brother's wedding, and seeing it as part of an outfit sealed the deal. But, we're trying to be good about using the credit card and I didn't really have a good reason/occasion to wear or buy one. Then this Easter I wore a simple grey dress, and I thought this is my chance for a yo-yo necklace, and I can wear it a lot this summer with tank tops...

And then the next thing I knew this pretty little package greeted me one day when I came home from work.

And here she is in all her glory. You'll have to excuse the picture... I just threw it on with what I was wearing so I could throw it up on the blog. I just love it. Without fail, someone compliments it when I wear it. Seeing how it's pieced together, I will definitely try my hand at assembling one this summer. Maybe a new item for the fall craft boutique at church?

And then there's this other accessory that I've been sporting lately, which, if we're friends on Facebook you already know about....


This is my 22 week belly picture taken today after work, which explains the scrub pants and rather worn out look. Our second son is due 9/15/10 and is completely healthy. We are so full of happiness and gratitude. The story of God's faithfulness and perfect timing with this baby will come shortly, I promise Internet. I guess at first I didn't want to mention anything until I was in the double digits weeks-wise and the chance of miscarriage was reduced. Then once I passed that hurdle I wanted to wait until after the 14 week ultrasound just to make sure that there were no abnormalities/problems. After we cleared that, I thought well, I may as well wait until we know the sex of the baby... and then I just didn't post anything out of laziness. But now I'm ready to announce and fill you all in on the amazing journey we've been on because exciting things are happening people!! And, as my sister in law pointed out, I really should get back to blogging before I actually, you know HAVE the baby and then shock everyone with his sudden appearance.

Thanks for all the love and prayers. I have missed you all!!