Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let's Raise These Families Up

Hello dear readers!  I have all been keeping tabs on you, and just waiting for the right time to to post my own things.  I think up brilliant posts in the shower or while I'm trying to fall asleep at night, but I just am not sure HOW I should get back into blogging.  Do I walk you through the whole story of Gabe?  Or update you on the mundane things that are going on in my little world?  While I am still puzzling that one out, there is something important that I wanted to ask of you, that is not for myself.

I'm sure by now all of you have heard about the 4 Oakland police officers that were killed in the line of duty this past Saturday.  To say it hits close to home is not an understatement, and not just because Joe is part of the law enforcement community.  You see, one of the officers was our neighbor.

I can't claim a close relationship with him or his wife, but he and Joe would talk shop and they were always friendly.  I especially remember him this past Halloween because apparently he had trick-or-treating duty with their little girl, and I'm not sure who was having more fun; him or her.

I don't know whether they're believers or not, but readers, please let's bathe these four families in prayer!!  Their fathers/husbands gave their lives protecting a community that is more often than not extremely ungrateful for police presence... what heroes.  

I know the community will rally and show a strong sense of unity.  There has been between two and ten uniformed OPD officers posted 24 hours a day outside their house since the shooting, and will be until the memorial service on Friday.  How awesome is that!!  Many of the houses on our street are flying their flags to show we know.  We care.  We appreciate.

A lot of times it seems like firefighters get all the glory.  No one really likes the actual enforcers of the law... and yet, how selfless and brave are they!  If you hear a siren, say a prayer for either an officer one you know, or just for law enforcement in general.  I try and do that.  It's a tough, often thankless job.  One where there's no guarantee of safety, we just assume it will work out that way.

All this to say, I know what strong prayer warriors you all are, and I know how strongly prayer works.  I have seen it demonstrated time and time again these past five months.  I know there is nothing as soothing and as comforting as the peace that God can provide, and I wish that for their wives and children.  Won't you join me in asking for that for the families?  Thank you dear readers...