Saturday, August 29, 2009

We Didn't Have Any Fun At All...

That was sarcasm.  It was awesome.  And to prove it, I uploaded 23,000 pictures for your viewing pleasure - cause let's face it, the pictures are the best part.

Hitting the road.  So happy!!

Where we stayed...

We noodled around the harbor that the hotel was located at and got our bearings and found some yummy restaurants to try out...

My super generous father in law lent me his super cool Kindle!!  Honestly, when I first heard of Kindles, I was a little bit of a snob and thought it was really weird - why would you want to replace a book?  I like the way new books smell and the way the pages rustle and crinkle and it makes sense to snuggle up with one.  But when they asked me what books I had packed for the trip and I replied no new ones since the one I had thought I might buy was still in hardback and $30.00.  My FIL said that we could download it to his Kindle for half the price.  So I gave it a shot - and it was wonderful.  So lightweight and convenient.  I may have to invest in one of those suckers.

We went to Cowell Ranch State Beach and it was pretty much deserted.  Perfect spot for a picnic lunch.

This is what happens when you and your husband leave your spot to see something in water.   Don't worry, we helped the seagull after we got the shot!

These were the only other people at the beach - fishermen.  I was really surprised because it seemed like shallow water to be fishing in.  They were pretty fascinating to watch.

We found unexpected little things all over the place... different from what you find in our quiet hometown.

Joe took a 5 hour guided kayak tour from the harbor we were at out into the ocean and 9 miles up the coast... can ya tell he's just a wee bit excited??

This guy kept me company as I watched Joe suit up and take off... closest I've even been to a pelican...

Yeah, he's all for kayaking now.  If you know Joe at all, you know that he is a passionate person and goes into something whole hog.  He has gone through many a hobby... so it looks like kayaking is in our future.  He's all set to head back to Half Moon Bay to get some classes and experience under his belt and dig deeper into it.  

And what did I do while he was gone for 5 hours?

I drove the truck into downtown Half Moon Bay and explored a little, then headed back to the hotel and got some coffee and a pedicure at the spa where we had gotten a couples massage earlier in the week.  I was a happy camper.

OK, so when we knew we were heading to the coast, we HAD to go to Gorilla BBQ in Pacifica, which is like a 15 minute drive from where we were staying.  We had seen it on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives on the Food Network and oh baby, it did not disappoint.  I really love good BBQ and this ranked right up there on my list.  My brisket sandwich was melt in your mouth!!

Like all good things, it did have to come to an end.  But it was so so so wonderful to get away - and it didn't take a faraway trip to really make a big difference.  Just taking ourselves out of the normal routine was like a breath of fresh air.  No cleaning, meal planning or shopping - just relaxing and going with the flow.  Best of all was getting that reconnection with Joe.  I married me a good guy.  I like him. I enjoy spending time with him.  I can't wait for the next chance to get away with him.  But 'til then, I will think back often to these last couple of days and be thankful at what we were able to do.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Awesome flight I took with my Gramps this past April on the Aluminum Overcast - only one of a few original B17s from the War still in operation, just like the ones that Gramps trained pilots on during the war... just chose it to fiddle with on the blog... trying to see if I can reformat photos on here to be bigger...  I think I really like how it looks... now I have to figure out how to resize my header in Photoshop -crap!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Change of Location

About two weeks ago I was all poised to purchase our flight tickets to New York.  I had already found a great apartment on Craig's list to rent for a few nights in the city (which incidentally was an awesome way to do it.  way more $$$ friendly than a hotel and you get a real taste of the local flavor. oh, and the place was nicer than our house - like newer and completely remodeled.) and then we were thinking we would head to New Jersey to stay with Joe's brother Jake and his lovely wife Lisa so we could see what their life there is like.  But I wanted to run the final flight times by Joe before I hit the "buy" button.

He was already into his shift at work.  Sometimes that doesn't make for the greatest serious conversation environment - what with the radio and walkie-talkie going off with calls for service and people messaging him on his computer asking questions and stuff.  But that night seemed to be a little slow.  So I filled him in on what I had found.  And he was quiet.

I should probably point out now that the funding for this vacation was anonymously gathered and delivered to us - for us to be able to get away and relax.  I can't tell you how completely wonderful, surprising and humbling it made me feel to open up the envelope and see what had been so generously gifted to us. (THANK YOU if any of you who gave are reading this...)  The money would cover our tickets and lodging in NY.  I had figured that all the extras we would cover.

He finally said that he had been thinking that a trip like that wouldn't be very relaxing or romantic  - more like a family vacation staying with his brother and hustling here and there trying to cram all the sights in.  Plus, we would need to stick to a stricter budget - so hopefully see a show but beyond that try and be frugal.  He had been thinking that if we stayed in California and nixed the airfare, we could really, REALLY treat ourselves to something wonderful and completely pampering... like massages and room service.

Massages?!?!  Say no more.  I was in.  New York will still be there for another time.  Point me to the spa!

So that night I searched out quaint and cozy B&Bs and was thinking that it would be awfully nice to head down the coast to see Hearst Castle and stay in Cayucos or Morro Bay.  I have fond memories of vacationing there with my family for a few summers through Jr. High and High School and would love to share it with Joe.  But unfortunately most of the cute places were booked for the dates we needed.  So I expanded my search parameters and called Joe again and asked if he had any ideas.  He suggested Half Moon Bay, which isn't all that far from where we are and I was a little bummed because that meant there wouldn't be much of a road trip... and we have an awful lot of fun on road trips together.  But then I found this place and that melted away.   It just seemed so appropriate for what we were aiming for... besides, don't you think that the ocean is healing and soothing?  I sure do.  The beauty and vastness of it just completely reminds me of the bigness and thoughtfulness of it's Creator. 

Oh yeah, it's gonna be awesome!!  It feels so nice to look forward to something... 3 more days.  I think I can make it.

Blitz's first time at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, our 4th anniversary 1/29/09