Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Coming to You From the Land O' Boxes

Well, here I sit in my house, typing on the laptop that I hijacked from my husband.  If I knew how to use a Mac, I would upload photos of the place, and then you'd get a real good idea of what I'm sitting in.  But alas, I was lucky just to get the internet switched on and logged into Blogger.  So you'll have to sit tight with me until the nice Comcast man comes and installs whatever it is he needs to, to get my life back into comfortable, bloggable order.  Gosh, even though cable was a relatively new addition to our lives, I miss is dearly.  To fill the quietness of me all alone in an empty house I dug around and found the boxed DVDs pronto and have been enjoying seeing my old favorites like Pride & Prejudice (the good A&E version), Gone With the Wind, and You've Got Mail while I unpack and wind down at night.

Tonight will be the sixth night that I've slept here.  Four of those nights I was alone (am I brave or what?!?).  I love it.  (The house I mean, not the aloneness).  Of course, we're still getting to know each other (what does this light switch do?), but I feel very sure that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  I feel safe and secure on this street.  I'm getting used to all the new noises, like the way the furnace clanks and the floors creak, and the refridgerator making it's sound.  I even got to answer the door on Saturday to meet a neighbor girl selling me Girl Scout cookies!!  I bought two boxes from little Grace and had a nice chat with her mom.  Joe and his dad and brother moved everything in one day, in pretty yucky weather...I was impressed.  I was less impressed when it turned out that in a last minute decision to just be done with the apartment, it was decided that we needed to give it the final cleaning that night so we could hand over the keys.  Let's just say that swiffering, scrubbing and vacuuming are not things I relish doing into the late night after working a full day.  Glad that is behind us.  This past weekend was dedicated to making all the calls for change of address stuff, and tackling the kitchen.  I had my mom and Joe's mom and we went to town vacuuming drawers and cabinets, scrubbing, ripping out old contact paper and putting new in, and finally upacking the boxes labeled "kitchen" and organizing it.  It felt really good to get that taken care of, and have a little spot at least that feels really functional and non-choatic. 

The things that I'm coming to realize are:
1.  There will be many more runs to Target for this and that, that we need RIGHT NOW.
2.  Everything will not come together as instantaneously as I would like.  I need to remember that it is a process.  Dang it!!
3.  A crowded one bedroom apartment makes for a bare house furniture wise.  That just means buying a few new pieces of furniture.        Since most of what we have is hand me down or scavaged, I am very excited about this prospect of getting something that we are the    first owners of.  And something nice enough that you would not want to scratch it or anything.
4.  Most people are talking about the candidates and their platforms, while we here are focused on much more weighty things.  For instance, should the garbage go under the kitchen sink, or should we get a nice free standing stainless steel one?  See my point?  Suddenly, there are lots of choices to make about furniture placement, wall colors, wiring issues, the list is long.

And you know what?  I'm enjoying every minute of it.