Friday, April 27, 2007

Road Trip!

So, we're heading down South this weekend to Long Beach with Joe's parents to see brother Josh ( who is Joe's identical twin, and is in seminary down there at Talbolt, which is associated with Biola University). Joe and his dad are going to fix his brakes or something like that. It was all thrown together really fast, and the trip itself will be a blitz of visiting and shopping and eating. Fun, fun, fun!! The only stinky part is that we have to pick up Joe's parents at 3:30am, which means I have to kiss my Saturday sleep-in good bye. And I really hate to do that. But the big pay off is time with Josh, and the Lankfords! Oh, how I love the Lankford family. We have missed them so much since they moved back down to LB for Chris to be the lead Pastor at a church there. When they were here, their home door was always unlocked, they led awesome couples Bible studies, and we'd hang out talking with them till the wee small hours. You always feel recharged after spending time with them, and feel completely loved on. Hearing Chris preach on Sunday will be a treat! And Melinda, well, where to begin? She is so open and willing to share advice and listen. When I'm with her, I'm reminded that to be transparent is a good quality. To share struggles and joys, really connecting with people through those things...I usually tend to do the opposite. If you can't tell, I think very highly of them, and am thrilled to be seeing them. I promise to post pics when we're back home.

And on an unrelated note, I just have to say that I'm really disappointed that Prince William and Kate Middleton broke up. I truly hope its not the end for them. She seems so classy and together...and an "average" type girl (plus, her name is Kate - how could I not root for her?). I mean, I know that her family has money, but it doesn't have a pedigree and isn't "in" in the higher circles of society, certainly not the set that the royalty moves among. Meeting as they did in school, he was able to choose from a wide social range of people to date, and could focus only on the things that were important to him in a person, versus family pressure to continue dynasties, alliances, rank, etc. I think it very unlikely that he will date that type of a girl again...I'm sure that the types of girls he will be surrounded with now will have very, very blue blood. Too bad. I hope we haven't seen the last of her.