Saturday, April 21, 2007

Kelly's Questions

So, these questions are from the funny and lovely's a little snapshot into the depths of "Kate"...

1. David Bowie or Mick Jagger as your husband for a lifetime?
I think that I would have to go with Mick Jagger...way cooler to be with a Rolling Stone than with a man who would probably steal your makeup and wear it. I dunno, David Bowie has always been kinda androgynous to me...and I would rather be with a man who you know is a man.

2. If you had to live outside of the US where would you live and why.
Jeez Louise, that is a toughie. How do you choose just one place? I think though, that I would have to go with London. It has everything that I love; history, culture, a language I already know, the hustle of the city with the country not far at all. About 5 years ago, we took a family vacation there and rented a little flat right off Trafalgar Square for about 2 weeks. It was my favorite vacation ever. I loved being within walking distance to everything; museums, the bakery, the grocer, pubs, great. I could easily see myself slipping into life there and loving it.

3. Would you have plastic surgery and what would you have done?
As of right now, I can't see myself wanting or having anything done. The idea kinda scares me. Although I definitely have things about myself I wish were different, I'm too scared that it would be botched and I would have something worse off in the end. However, some of my friends who have had kids and are done with childbearing sometimes talk about getting a tummy tuck or a breast lift. And these are not vain people. Soooo, ask me that question after I have 3 kids....the answer might just be different.

4. Favorite chick flick
Without a doubt, the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice (not the new version, repeat, not the new version). Hands down. The best story ever. Who doesn't love Elizabeth, and want to be her? And who doesn't love Darcy and his journey to show her who he really is?

5. most influential person in your life.
Well, there are Joe and my mom who obviously have a lot of influence on me. But, the person who has influenced me throughout childhood and adulthood is my Granny. She was the best playmate, and now that I'm a "grown up", I see what a wonderful example of a woman she has been throughout her life. All of my friends, old or new love Granny. They just can't help it. I think it is because she is genuinely interested in them and what they're up to. She has a real zest for life that is pretty infectious. She was the kind of grandma that when you spent the night would let you have cake for breakfast in the morning, always wanted to know what the new slang/dance moves were, and would play 2 square with you in the backyard. But she wasn't a pushover either - it was definitely a no spoiling zone at her house, and yet you always felt indulged. Because it was just me and my younger brother as the only grand kids, I got to spend a lot of time with her, and listen to all her wonderful stories of growing up on a ranch, meeting Gramps on a blind date during WWII and all her travels with him (they'll be married 65 years this July), raising kids, etc. All in all, she is who I want to be like the most and who I love best; there's no one else like her!!


Kelly said...

London...interesting! What an awesome vacation...two weeks...blissful! I have never been to London, not even on layover! I want to go. Thanks for playing, that was really interesting.