Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Feet Are So Sore, But My Heart Is So Happy

Number of hours we stood in line: 3.5
Cost of 2 cookbooks: $65
Number of blocks that the line wrapped around: 3-4
Number of screaming kids that their moms dragged along to stand in line: Way too many
Getting to say I saw and talked to Giada de Laurentiis: Priceless

Me & Marisa waiting...really glad that I had someone to geek out with - that made it way more fun

This is when we rounded the corner and were in the home-stretch...

This was really the only disappointing part. Giada was so nice to talk to - but her handlers and the security team were absolute nazis. No posed pics with Giada (majorly bummed about that one), no flash (in a poorly lit space), and you could only take a picture of her once she had signed your book and you were ushered to the side of the store, behind a blue tape line with people jostling into you. See that lady in the pink shirt? She was not nice, and acted like she totally didn't want to be there. I would've loved her job!! Unfortunately, this was the best shot I got...hopefully Marisa got a better one. We'll see. But who cares, really? I stinking got to talk to her, and I definitely won't forget that!


Kelly said...

YEAH!!!! Wow, that is dedication, to bad nazi lady was hating life that day! Your pictures are great and it is nearly impossible to get a good shot in low lighting without a mac daddy camera. You can totally tell it is her, so you aren't lying!