Friday, October 26, 2007

A Jonah Week

If you ever read the Anne books, you know that Anne's term "a Jonah day" is code for a really, really sucky day. Because let's face it, getting swallowed by a fish is pretty bad. Well, I dub this week "Jonah week". Let's just say work was not a happy place to be. Which is really rare for me. Normally it's pretty routine and placid and although I definitely don't see myself being there for years to come, I enjoy the people I work with and for. Right now, some coworkers are having major life issues at home and just because of proximity/typical office stress stuff that normally wouldn't phase them, but is totally triggering them, I get to bear the brunt of it. Just being rude, icy, nitpicky about my work which in turn makes me defensive, and in general not like their normal selves...I hate it! The worst thing is, the problems that they're dealing with are things that I've never had to face, and so mostly all I can do is listen and pray for them - I have absolutely no advice to give, and any words of comfort I think to say seem pretty hollow.
Now that I'm cozy in my sweats and curled up here at home, some of it seems really silly, and I don't know why I let it bother me. But I hate the tension, and feeling like I've done something wrong...even when I haven't, and thinking that someone is unhappy with me, even though I know perfectly well that I don't have anything to do with the root of the problem. Ack!
Well, I have two days to recover. Focus on other getting my booty in gear and cranking out the remaining things I have to do for the fall boutique at church...and coming up with a Halloween costume, 'cause we're going to a party on Halloween night. I don't know if it's just the week I've had, or that I don't feel in too Halloween-y a mood right now, but my creative juices are not flowing - any suggestions as to what I should be?


Candace said...

Hmmm, do you like any fun, fictitious characters, like betty boop or olive oil? Or do you and the hubby want to go as a duo, like Sonny and Cher? The possibilities really are endless. Me? I'm going as a tree, b/c Conner is going to be a monkey. The pictures of me holding him will make it all make sense, hopefully ;)

Scott and Lorie said...

I picture you with eye liner freckles and one of those wendy red pig-tail wigs like in those weird commercials...

I'm not going as my son is going to be a halloweenie...=)

Filtering Life said...

You could go as a disgruntled house hunter! Kidding. I am not creative right now either so I am trying to suck an idea from someone and then of course we are trick or treating with Candace...Miss I am sunk.

Scott and Lorie said...

Hey chica,
okay to answer your questions.
I shoot with a canon 5D...LOVE IT.
and I use photo shop to edit everything, although I've learned to use adobe bridge in the last few months and love it and it saves a ton of time.
did I forget anything else?
you can email me at my full name at hotmail if you have more questions.

Debbie said...

Did you ever decide on a Halloween costume?

Scott and Lorie said...

Any house news?