Sunday, November 18, 2007

Have No Fear...

Hello kids!

No, I didn't die. Or buy a house yet.

I've been fighting the good fight against a nasty sinus infection, an army of ants that wanted to dominate my kitchen, family birthdays/anniversaries, and life in general. You know, the never ending cycle of laundry, work, grocery shopping, blah, blah, blah. Blogging was pretty low on the totem-pole of what to tackle.

But tomorrow we look at a house. I'm not holding my breath, but who knows?

I went to a birthday party today for Joe's Grandma K who celebrated her 90th birthday and is a total example of a life well lived. It must be a great feeling to look around at a house full of 25 people who call you mom, grandma and great-grandma knowing that you are the matriarch of all that fun, loud, lovingness.

I only have to work 2 days this week! I cannot tell you how psyched that makes me...I am excited to celebrate Thanksgiving with all it's tradition-y goodness.

I ordered my very own Candace Clutch and it should be arriving soon!!!

I also ordered a book to help me learn the ins and outs of my camera. I don't want to be one of those suckers who thinks that just because they have a pricey camera means their photos are awesome and call themselves a photographer. I really want to learn to document people, places, and experiences well.

So I'll try to get back on track with the blogging. I don't want Debbie worrying about me anymore (though it was very sweet). I think the people who signed up to do NaBloPoMo are insane, though I do enjoying reading the fruits of their labors...

Tomorrow the goal is after the house look-see to post about Rome. I know, I know, two months late. But Joe asked if I was ever going to write about it. And when he requests something for this little ho-hum blog of mine, that I'm not sure he always thinks is the greatest thing (why do you want to share things with complete strangers?), I think I should capitulate.



Randi said...

First, let me say, I LOVE the new blog look! Awesome!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with your family and love ones, and good luck with the house tomorrow;)

And as for learning more about your camera, ugh, I need to order a book for mine as well. I know that it can do so much more, I just never can sit down, study, and figure it all out. Maybe soon;)

Debbie said...

glad you are back! and I love the green- though I do miss your beautiful picture!

Sandy said...

Ditto to Debbie's comment...Scott too doesn't understand why I blog...or rather why people would want to read my blog