Sunday, October 14, 2007

What the frap???


I walk out to my car this morning to go to the party store and Safeway to pick up a few things for the big birthday-palooza that we were having with Joe's family to celebrate all the fall birthdays (5 in total). I got in my car, started backing up, and noticed something funny looking about the windshield wipers. They looked a lot smaller. Infact, they looked a lot like two metal rods, no acutal wiper part seemed to be attached. So I put in it park, hopped out, took off my sunglasses thinking maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me...and nope. They weren't. Someone stole my windshield wipers.


What kind of loser does that? This is the third thing that has happened to my cute little car. Let's recap: they've scraped the registration off, they broke in and took clothes from the trunk, DVDs (which I had to pay Blockbuster back for) and my favorite pair of sunglasses, and now they stole my stinking windshield wipers. And it's supposed to rain this week.

I CANNOT wait to be gone from here...


Candace said...

okay, that did make me laugh. but not at your misfortune, just that someone is THAT stupid. I think they might've just been messing with you. Either way, that's so frustrating. I hope you can leave there soon!!!

Debbie said...

wow...that is so ridiculous! I am so sorry to hear that you were the victim of such a lame crime. It reminds me of when our house got egged like every month. Who the heck are these people?!

Lankford de Long Beach said...

Hey, sorry about the windshield wipers. I was in the area and needed some... Your car is nice, and I thought your wipers would look cool. I actually have wipers of my own, but my kids wanted wipers for their windows in the back seat, so that's where they are now... Anyway, thanks for the DVD's, too -- they are life savers for the kids in the backseat... Why did you and Joe rent "Showgirls?" The kids like the dancing, but the rest of it is slightly revealing, dontchathink? Makayla keeps asking all kinds of questions. I just tell her to ask Kate & Joe the next time they come to visit... Love ya...

Holli said...

OMW! that's so bizarre,who does that? I guess someone really needed some windshield wipers, and dvds, and clothes... Any word on your house? Hope you can get out of the sights of your thieving neighbors soon!

Anonymous said...

Kate oh Kate,

How silly you are.

I'm going to clear things up for you Kate. Let me put it plainly. First what your problems are not, then what your problems are:

1. Your problem is not that you live in a bad neighborhood.
A. Opportunistic crimes happen in every neighborhood.
B. You have speed humps on your street. Any street that has speed humps on it cannot be that bad.
C. You don't even have a gated apartment complex. If it were a bad area, you'd have 'em. And if it were worse, you'd have bars on your windows too!
2. Your problem is not that you live in a bad neighborhood.
A. You have very nice wipers...who wouldn't want one, or even two? I can see lankford's point: they'd come in very handy for the kids.
B. Your apartment is very nice. The only thing you could perhaps use more of is storage space. That, and well a bigger safe for your hubby's ever growing gun collection.
3. Your problem is not that you live in a bad neighborhood.
A. Showgirls. Eww. Gross.

Here's what your problem is.
1. You married the wrong man.
A. Any cop that would allow such a thing to his own wife isn't much of a cop in my mind. Not once but thrice? Come now?
2. You married the wrong man.
A. Has your husband had anything stolen from his pretty fire-engineish truck? Interesting, isn't it? Makes you wonder. Maybe he was an accomplice in Lankford's irresponsible yet understandable actions.
3. You married the wrong man.
A. I hear he has a twin who would never let such a thing happen...

Sorry to not be able to come home for the b-day celebration...missed ya guys!

KellyLee said...

That is ridiculous. If you are that hard up for windshield wipers that you are willing to risk someone charging you for suck. I mean, I know you didn't catch them...but really??? windshield wipers? I am so sorry hiss on the thief.