Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This Should Help Get You Through to the Weekend

Since I happened to get scheduled for a day off today, Joe and I had a whole day to ourselves...which was a rare and wonderful occurrence.  We toyed with a couple of different ideas, but ultimately curiosity got the best of us - we wanted to see what Blitz was looking like in person!  So off to San Jose we went and had a nice lunch before heading over the the breeder's house.  Good news, he gets to come home on May 13th!!  Less than two weeks.  We still have some things to pick up, like food bowls, chew toys, treats...and probably a slew of other stuff.  Anybody have any crating tips they would like to share?  I'm all ears.  I've read a couple books and feel fairly confident what kind of nighttime regime I'm gonna (try to) have, but during the day is a little different story.  We do have a puppy pen and crate in the office, but any other tips/ lessons learned would be very appreciated!  I'm sure most of what we come up with routine-wise will be trial and error...

Isn't he just so stinking cute?!?!  Lots different than a month ago when the eyes had just been opened and he was pretty much a squirmy lump.  Did you know that shepherds come in 3 different coat types?  I didn't either.  There's short, plush, and long haired varieties.  In the beginning, I had originally wanted a Rottie, because I didn't want to deal with long hair.  Joe helped me see the light as to why GS are superior, and I thought I could deal.  When the puppies' coats were coming in, it was determined that one of the males was a long hair, so that really simplified which one was for us, once again, I didn't want the long hair.  This time, when we saw the breeder he said that the other male was turning out to have more of a plush coat, and would that be ok?  We assured him that it would be, because I came up with a solution.  It's called Dyson.  

Just chillaxin' with Joe.  Because he's cool.

Here's Tilda the mom at lunchtime with the pups.   She's a real sweetie.  Poor girlie, puppy teeth are sharp!  Yikes!

For those of you who are really observant, you can kinda see I cut my hair.  I really like it - about 4 inches taken off.  I was inspired awhile ago by Katie Holmes... but it's not quite as short as hers (yet).  It's more like an A-line bob... because of the layers that were already in my hair it's not quite the shape I want it to end up being, but I was impatient to get it cut, so we went for it.  Holly (my hair dresser) will get it  fine tuned a little more next time.   I love her.  She's always game for whatever I decide, and I do go through a lot of things.  Normally I decide to chop my hair off, then regret it and try to grow it out while experimenting with bangs, no bangs, different parts, highlights, different layers...I'm all over the map.  But so far, no regrets.  I love that it has a real shape to it, and blow drying is waaaaay easier.  I guess we shall see.  I'll try to get Joe to take some better pictures of it.

And the closing shot.  We wore him out but good!  I hope that your Wednesday was as fun as mine!  


Candace said...

he's so cute!! Reminds me of when we got our puppy four years ago. Tim used to train dogs so if you have any questions I can ask him for you. Can't wait to see more pics of him!

Randi said...

Oh, he is the cutest!! Did you get that breed for hubby's work?

And love the hair, what little I can see;) I so want to get brave and go short too...someday!

Ashley said...

oooooooh my. Soo cute!

I love your hair! Let's see some more pics of it!