Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Life

I don't think that there's anything as wonderful and exhilarating as holding brand-new-to-the-world baby.  

Chris & Kiyoko at our old apartment pre-baby

Our dear friends Chris and Kiyoko became parents to the beautiful Laney Lillian Young on March 27th.  They called us that morning at 2am to let us know that they were going to the hospital, and when we got the call later that day that she had arrived safe and sound, we hopped in the car and headed down to Monterey to meet her.  We thought that she was a very considerate little girl to be born on a day that Uncle Joe was off and Auntie Kate only worked a half day.  When we got there, they were all asleep so we bummed around Monterey a little while getting Jamba Juice (mmm) and noodling around a book store.  When we went back, we had a great hour visit with the three of them.  I couldn't get over how beautiful Kiyoko looked;  obviously, she looked very tired (12 hour labor!), but...she really did glow.  Or something.  Motherhood definitely added another dimension to her.  

The new and improved Young Family

We can't wait for them to come up here for a visit!!  We are thrilled for them and all the new possibilities that Laney has now brought into their world.

  Friends from the first time she farted in my arms!


EmilyPie said...

oh. wow. Yes, that really is something, holding a brand new bebe! Our close friends just had a baby girl in January... it was awesome... and still is. I really enjoy being close to a baby (that isn't mine, and that I can send home at the end of the day.. ha).

Kiyoko looks amazing in that photo..I hope she knows that! Congratulations to them...

marisa said...

kate! i am SO glad that you added some new blogs, i loved the pictures-you are getting so pro at blogging! love it!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness! How precious!

Congrats to your friends!

Debbie said...

she's so beautiful! how special you can be there on the day of her birth. And by the way- I love the dark hair color on you- it's gorgeous!