Monday, September 7, 2009

Wishful Thinking

I like purses.

A lot.  

They are probably my one "big" indulgence.  I still have the very first purse I ever was given when I was around 3; navy blue corduroy, with a little leather strap.  It was a vital part of my ensemble when I would go on walks around the block with my Granny and we would collect leaves, flowers, rocks and I would stick them in my purse for safe keeping til I got home and could organize my loot. Now it is safely stashed away in my memory box along with favorite books and tiny shoes and a favorite stuffed animal.  

Then in my teens, I graduated to all kinds of colorful, patterned, glitzy bags big and small and had Rubbermaid bins that I stored them in since there was such an abundance.  When my family went to New York I thought I had died  and gone to heaven on Canal Street where you can buy designer knock offs for cheap.  Eventually though, I outgrew them and gave them away to some high school girls at my church who were happy for the freebies.

Now, I actually have some very nice designer purses that I love.  Joe has seriously spoiled me in that way - and I am totally enjoying that cause I'm sure when kids come that will change.  The only problem is, since they are more expensive than the trendy ones I could run into Target and grab, I feel obligated that they should be serviceable FOR.EV.ER. and match any and all seasons/clothes/colors etc.  This means that I have had to tamp down my instincts to want the colorful bags and choose the sensible black and browns.  But I miss the colors.  I miss the fun.

Anyway, I was browsing online today, and I saw the pretty thing above (Kate Spade Westbury Opus-Drawstring in leather) and instantly like the cobalt-y blue color.  Ahhh... maybe one day.  

What're some of your favorite things to treat yourselves to?

And also, I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day - I know I am!!  12:30pm and I'm on my second cup of coffee still in my PJ's!  Not too shabby!


Carolyn M said...

Ok... so I used to love purses too... but then as you said... Jimmy happened. You know that super cute clutch that you had made for me? I want to use it, but I don't have enough hands these days! I have resorted to the backpack... which truly I do like, but the thing I like about it is that it's one thing I don't have to think about. Can we go out so that I can carry my cute cowgirl clutch? Love ya girl!

Debbie said...

you're a better woman than me! I get so lazy with purses I just go through my stages... where I buy them and then never want to switch everything and the rest just sit there! I definitely think you should start a fund for the blue Kate Spade purse, it's super cute! My indulgence lately has been clothes (or maybe that's always... haha) :)

Olive Oyl said...

I LOVE purses. Then I got married and got a mortgage and ahhhh. ByeBye purse obsession. I would love a fun big Coach purse from the outlets I saw a few months ago... I had to seriously like BITE MY HAND and put it in my pocket to prevent myself from picking it up. Ugh. I remember when I used to easily be able to buy a purse for myself. Now I see it as "Wow. That purse equals two weeks of groceries. Ouch." :)