Friday, September 4, 2009

I Think Jane Austen Might Be Slightly Offended Right Now...

People are weird.  I mean, I think you really have to be slightly disturbed to turn the Bennetts, Bingleys and Darcy into brain- eating -undead creatures.  

But on the bright side there is finally a version of Pride and Prejudice that Joe can really get into!

(Any others of you out there have guys that're into zombies?  Or is it just me?)


Cara Kipp said...

Since I majored in 19th century British literature, this is on my list to read. My husband found it and said it looked cool. So yes to zombies in my house too. :)

marisa paige henry franson said...

i'm constantly disgusted with what they do to my poor jane!!! case in point, 'darcy and elizabeth: nights and days at pemberley'. DON'T read it. the cover should have mr. darcy shirtless and elizabeth being ravished. that would make more sense.

and thanks, joe-dave keeps talking about scenarios involving zombies, etc. :)

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