Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wish List

Yeah, I'm satisfied with my life, and grateful for what I have. Yeah, I don't have anymore room to cram things into my very-fastly-growing-way-too-small-apartment. But I have one sublime wish list, and I just know that getting the things on it would make my life even that much better... I would make it work!!

Numero uno on the list is a dog. You are either a dog person, or you aren't and we happen to be. When you've been raised all your life with pets, it makes a big difference when you can't have them. I want that companionship for walks and days when Joe is at work. This is a picture of the breed I want; a Rottweiler! Most people look shocked when I tell them that part. Me, a little white girl wanting a bad ass type dog. But, hey people, I've done my research, and they're great dogs. Since I'll be by my lonesome a fair amount at night when hubby has work, I want a dog that is protective. Not just protective as in barks loudly, but as in when people see it will think twice, decide they don't feel like being bitten or torn to mince meat and go away. They're great with kids, and they don't shed like the other breed we were looking at (German Shepherd). Plus, look at that little face, ain't it sweet? Joe is interested in one other breed too, but I'm holding firm. You'll see!! I also have an awesome name in mind, but I'm not sharing that yet, lest one of you takes it for your canine. But alas, that has to wait till we find a little house. I think the landlord would notice if we tried to sneak having that kind of behemoth of a dog.

Oh, how I know that I would love TiVo! Of course, getting TiVo would necessitate getting cable, which let me tell you that I am all in favor of. That's right, since we've been married, no TV. We do have a beautiful TV, but it's main use has been for DVDs and XBox. It made sense in the beginning because we were poor and didn't want another bill to pay. Then we had the money, but Joe was in the academy and didn't want the distraction. Then he finished, but was afraid that we'd get sucked in and turn into blobs. And there the issue has rested. But, man I miss the Food Network, TLC, and Law & Order SVU. Also the news, and silly stuff like who was voted off American Idol. We can live without it...I would just rather not at this point. Also, (and I use this point quite a bit), what is a girl supposed to do by herself at night? I'm an avid reader, but even I can only read so much. And now I have little craft projects to work on, but sometimes you just want to veg, you know? I know we're almost to TiVo land...just a little farther to go.

I really hope I get this for my birthday in the fall. I have been eyeballing the LeCruset pots for years, and I am too cheap to pay for one for myself. Plus, we do have limited cabinetry in our closet sized kitchen to store something so big with my other pots and pans. But I do not care. This pot is awesome and beautiful; this is the new color, I think it is called "Caribbean Blue", and I love it! Much better and fresher than some of the seventies-like colors that they use. All the "chefy" girls on TV have this style pot, so I need one too. Because having this pot will let me be just like them. I bet it makes the food taste better too.

And in the left corner, the right, Canon. This will be happening within a month or two - a DSLR of my very own!! I have dabbled in photography since high school ( darkroom, develop your own film, win a ribbon at the county fair; you know, the whole shebang) and enjoyed it. I inherited my dad's old SLR, and had a blast using it. But now that technology is pretty obsolete. It only makes sense to get a digital one. But my head is spinning with options. Growing up with my dad (who is EXTREMELY loyal to certain brands) it was Nikon all the way. So I've been drooling for awhile over the D40. But lately, my head has been getting turned by Canon. Some of Joe's family members have gotten them, and some people whose blogs I read also use them and seem to really like them. Which way to go? With what I know, or be a rebel and switch sides? Any advice in this area would be appreciated.

Ooohh, aahhh, Crate & Barrel, do you ever go wrong? Although I admit I do prefer Pottery Barn, you knock my socks off with this bed ( picture matching bedside tables on either side). But I like even better what it represents: a unified grown up bedroom!! Again, this will have to wait for a house. I'm just tired of having a mish-mash of furniture - I'd like it to stop looking like we're in college, and be put together. The bedroom has definitely gotten the short end of the stick. Instead of a catch all space in a tiny apartment, I want it to be a quiet and relaxing place (read: no computer/ironing board/snowboards/tools/cop gear). Since we've been so thrifty, we've never bought a big piece of furniture together. It'll be fun and grown up. While I would love to have a complete set of bedroom furniture (one day baby!), I would settle just for a headboard and bedside tables like the beauty in the pic ...

So there you have it. The stuff that my materialistic dreams and wishes are made of.


Kelly said...

Canon baby!!!! all the way. we are a Canon family and I have nothing bad to say about it. Come on over to the dark side and rebel. Also, I have heard so many great things about the Rottweilers...I know if they are mistreated they are nasty dogs, but those who are loved and trained say they are awesome pets, even around kids.

marisa said...

oh man. the wish list was great. i don't know if it's being married...but i want all that too. weird. it was like you stole my list!

anyways, it was fun to read and fun to catch up with you. i love the pics!