Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just A Quickie...

So after work tomorrow, we hop onto Jet Blue and fly to LA LA land for my little brother's college graduation. That means that I'm starting to feel anxiety about my list of "To Do"s; laundry, packing, dishes, general straightening up. I don't know why, but before I go away, I feel like I have to speed clean everything, and have it all set. I think mostly, it helps me not to feel overwhelmed when I get back home about all the things that need to happen for the start of the week. I dunno if its the best system or not, because it doesn't make me the nicest person, and I know that I won't get the majority of it done...but a girl can try, right? And anyway, this is supposed to be a fun little trip. I don't want to start it off now in a stinky mood. Jet Blue is the coolest airline to fly on. All the seats are leather, there's a TV in the back in the seat in front of you that gets a ton of channels, and their snacks are far superior to anyone else's. I don't know why, but anytime that flying is involved, I am that much more excited. Flying with Joe too. We've only done that once when we went to its a fun little treat. The graduation will be nice, it shouldn't be scorching hot down there this weekend, and then for dinner to celebrate, we're eating at this really shi-shi restaurant in California Adventure Land - the Napa Rose I think. Because my bro works for Disney, he gets a really nice discount and was able to pull a few strings and get us in. That in and of itself is impressive. What makes it doubly so is that the night we will be there also happens to be the night that Disney will have the premiere of the third Pirates movie, with all the starts there. In fact, they will be eating at the same restaurant later that night. Snazzy, huh? I am still secretly hoping that maybe he can get us into Disneyland to actually see the premiere and Johnny-Keira-Orlando. We'll see.
It feels weird that my brother is now a full fledged grown up. Of course, he'll still be living the student lifestyle for a few years more - he has decided to get his master's in PR, so he'll definitely have some hard work ahead of him. But I'm super proud of him. I predict that he'll end up in some cool, different job. I bet it's in a he'll be hobb-nobbing with the rich and famous. I doubt that he'll move back up the the Bay; LA fits him.
And lastly, before I run off, I just wanted to let you all know that this week, Comcast cable & DVR landed in our household (yea!). And it is good. And life will never be the same.


Sandy said...

You should definitely try to catch the premiere party for pirates although I will warn you people start lining up at 8 in the morning. Last year we were there for the premiere before the 2nd one and we kind of pushed our way in...there were a bunch of stars but I had to have Scott hold me up to see them all and we took a bunch of pics. They lined main street with a huge red carpet. And of course it took like 2 hours before Kiera, Johnny and Orlando came by but they were still there, definitely worth it!

Amanda said...

A teacher at my school is going to San Fran at the end of June and was asking me about restaurants. I told her about Fior d' Italia. It made me remember all the great times we had with you guys. Jerrod and I would love to come out, but we just don't see how we can. My ability to fly is quickly coming to an end. Just a few more weeks until I'm grounded. You know you can still come here anytime you want!