Monday, January 7, 2008

Scurry, scurry


We found out this afternoon that the trip is a go, so off we fly to DC tomorrow bright and early, and then drive 3 hours into Virginia to see family. We're super happy that we get to see Jerrod, Amanda, John and Tyler, even though we will probably have to come home early (cutting into the DC part of the trip) so Joe can do the court thing. Oh well. Family time is most important (and hopefully meeting a VA blogging acquaintance or two?!?), anything after that will be like icing on the cake.

Since I had pretty much convinced myself that we would be sticking around here and cancelling, you can imagine that I've been dashing all over like a crazy woman. It feels like there are forty-two thousand loose ends all needing to be set straight (house stuff, loan stuff, laundry, packing, yada, yada, yada) and even though I have my trusty lists to make me feel like I'm in control, I'm sure that I forgot something. But I won't fret about that now because I must tuck myself in because my fabulous chauffeur of a brother-in-law Josh will be here way too early for my taste to take me to the airport.

So have a good week! We'll chat when I return...and then (gulp) only 2 weeks till the new house... :)


Debbie said...

Have fun on your trip! What part of Virginia are you going to? Jason has family there too so we've gone for the past two years to the Virginia Beach and Norfolk areas.

The Deaton's said...

Send me an e-mail . . . where in VA are you going to be?
Maybe we can meet up for a sec. We are about 20 miles outside of DC.


Talk soon,

Scott and Lorie said...

are you having a lovely time?
I bet you are.

Kelly Louise said...

I hope you guys had fun Kate! It was super seeing you the other night... love you :)

marisa said...

OKAY! i'm waiting for a blog about the new house!!!! hurry up! :) hey let's hang out-i want to see your new home and hear about all that's happened in the almost 2 months since i've seen you!