Friday, June 8, 2007

The American Media Is Driving Me Nuts Right Now

Just a little rant that I don't think the horrendous behavior of a blond heiress who is a twit needs to be the #1 story in the country right now. All day on the radio, Internet and TV have been blow by blow segments and updates as to whether Paris Hilton will or won't go back to jail. To quote Seinfeld and Joe's cousin Jerrod, this is completely asinine. What must we look like to other nations around the world, when this is what we as a country choose to put all our attention on? I can't believe that the media thinks this is good reporting. There are so many other things to be talking about; why not instead of people protesting her being in jail, they protest the presence of Al-Quaida terrorists cells here in their communities that plot to kill Americans (because they really do exist - don't believe me? Talk to your local law enforcement)? Why not honor soldiers and their families in interviews and rallies for them? Does she really deserve all this air-time and attention for breaking the law? Props to the judge who is sticking to his guns and doing what her parents should've done long ago: give her consequences for her actions. I admit that I like reading about the starts and celebrity gossip; when People magazine comes around I gobble it up. But I like the things like knowing where Reese Witherspoon shops, and seeing a picture of Jennifer Aniston walking her dog. I am sick of the constant barrage of Lindsay, Britney and Paris who keep getting lower, and lower, and lower and that the US can be so captivated by worthless people doing worthless things.


Anonymous said...
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Christie said...

Amen, sister! Wouldn't our time be better spent reading a book? Good grief! I'm glad to see you are back on your blog...are you feeling any better?


Kelly said...

I am right there with you. I love me some People and US...but even I think it is ridiculous to give any more air time to Britany, Lindsay and Paris...they are such white trash, who cares about them????